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Woodworking and scrollwork

Ferguson Funeral Home Museum                     Robert B. Ferguson, Jr. F.D., Owner

Ferguson Funeral Home Museum
Featuring American Folk Art, Hand Carved Artifacts,
and an 1880  Rockfalls Horse-Drawn Hearse
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The William Ferguson Collection

The Ferguson ancestry connects back to William Ferguson in Ayrshire, Scotland where he was born and raised.  However, this Scottish cabinetmaker developed his skills as a craftsman when he moved to southwestern Pennsylvania.  William Ferguson became one of the noted American Folk Artists of his time.  Many wonder at his abilities to carve wooden masterpieces.

Unique Folk Art

William Ferguson’s master works of folk art have been documented and preserved by the Ferguson family for nearly a century.  The highlight of the portfolio are six grandfather clocks that stand 8 feet tall and are carved out of a variety of wood such as American black cherry, walnut, and William Ferguson’s favorite: mahogany.  All of the pieces have intricate woodcarving design work such as inlayed pieces, peacock pinnacles, and Grecian columns.  Wil also used his signature trademark design of the dot-dash-dot-dash trim work.  The internal brass works of the clocks were manufactured in Europe through the Grand Rapids Clock and Manufacturing Company in the early 1900s.  In addition to the grandfather clocks there is also a windmill clock.  To this day, the clock keeps perfect time for the Ferguson Funeral Home.

In addition to the time pieces, the Wil Ferguson collection also has hand carved flower plaques and framing that are on display in the funeral home.  In addition, Wil’s entire workshop has been preserved along with his hand tools including his chisels, hammers, screwdrivers, edger, lathes, files, circular, and jig saws.

Museum Hours

To view the Wil Ferguson Collection, stop in Ferguson Funeral Home during normal business hours Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5. p.m.  Evening and weekend tours are by appointment only.

It is possible that the Ferguson Funeral Home Museum is not the only place for people to see Wil Ferguson’s works of art.  He was known to offer his pieces as gifts to area families for celebrations.  Many community members have inherited the pieces such as scenic milking stools, mirrors, clothing racks, church worship furniture, and frames for artwork.  Some may still be able to find such treasures during an auction or estate sale.  

Folkart carved scrollwork 
Wood carving of flowers
Carved Table 
Detailed of carved table

Folkart Wood carving of flowers
Carved disk


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